NZSAS: The First Fifty Years


First Fifty Years

If you are a special forces enthusiast, a military family, or just someone interested in the history of the NZSAS this book is a must have for your library. Author Ron Crosby has done a remarkable job capturing the history and essence of this Special Forces unit.

Originally published by Penguin Group (NZ) in 2009, NZSAS: The First Fifty Years is the first and only official history of New Zealand’s elite Special Forces, the New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS). Due to popular demand a second edition was printed in 2021 for the NZSAS Trust by Oratia (Auckland).

From their first ever engagements in the jungles of Malaya in 1956, through to the Vietnam War and on to modern conflicts in East Timor and Afghanistan, this book traces the history and development of 1 NZSAS Group (now Regiment). Illustrated with maps and never-before-seen photographs, the book provides a rare and fascinating insight into the clandestine world of the NZSAS. A new Appendix Four in the 2021 reprint contains an engaging detailed account of a patrol in Borneo during the then covert Claret operations, providing a different point of view to that described in the main text.

  • Paperback | 470 pages
  • 154 x 230 x 32mm | 877g

NZSAS: The First Fifty Years is available for purchase HERE.